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Save Belarus Farmers

Oh, this wonderful fatigue… Problems that can’t be resolved in a limited span of time annoy ad infinitum, don’t they?

Eastern Europeans from their big and small Russias are too elusive to grasp. They have alternating periods of colorful revolutions, flawless democracy and authoritarian rule.

I understand the EU attitude. There are too many national and local problems, with politicians stuck within election cycles, between voters’ pressure and populism, foreign policy being domestic policy-making.

There are very different parties assuming power and bureaucrats merrily-going-round due to rotation.

There is anaemic, drowsy strategic planning and no painstaking decisions as to the countries outside the EU.

As if EU doesn’t have any neighbours any more.

One of the recent episodes of South Park shows Americans supporting the fight of farmers in Belarus. Or was that about cosmonauts in Armenia?

Whatever. Politicians have to act anyway.

And if you have five minutes to spare, please join the fight. Ukrainian stamp collectors need you.

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Belarus President Not Going To Prague?

Alyaksandr Lukashenka doesn’t want it to be a secret: the significant improvement of relations with the EU is of extreme importantance to Belarus. “Relations with Europe cannot be described as simple today,” he went to say though.

In his annual address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly today he said he was ready not to travel to Eastern Partnership summit if his presence could “cause inconvenience to someone”, Belapan reports.

“If someone, at least one person in Prague on May 7 is inconvenienced much by the fact that there are Belarus’ representatives there, don’t invite us. We will not be asking to come, we will put up with it, if this causes inconvenience or is disadvantageous to you. Do what you find convenient. If it is convenient to you that we should be there, but not Lukashenka, you also tell me,” he said.

Looks like Lukashenka was offended by Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who said last week that he would not shake hands with him during the summit.

“But do I really want you to shake hands with me?” Belarusian president asked.

He noted that Minsk had agreed to participate in the Eastern Partnership “not for the sake of Lukashenka.” “This is for the sake of what is beneficial to Belarus and I will tolerate everything despite my ambitious or whatever character.” he said, adding that the Belarusian government “will not be bargaining on the subject.”

Meanwhile EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner told the journalists today they still didn’t know who was going to represent Belarus in Prague.

… pragmatic as he is, Lukashenka won’t go to Prague, I think.

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