Moscow Never Sleeps

100 Ray-Ban points goes to Moscow for the illustration that realpolitik is more effective where it comes to corrupt governments and political clans.

On the eve of EaP summit in Vilnius it is obvious that Eastern Partnership programme has failed in its today’s format. The “EU soft power” currently goes without the last word.

Backsliding of Kiev is basically a logical and pragmatic move for the post-soviet space where states are competing for the same shrinking resources of Moscow and Brussels.

Their political elites (or rather: clans) are used to balance between the EU and Russia to maximise their short-term gains. Approaching either side is a means to pressure the other one.

The EU also has a tool box with good old double standards and knows to justify them. And its failures in Eastern Europe illustrate how little is the actual interest in the region.

Enough said about the importance of cooperation and values. Especially in the light of its internal crisis, it is logical and pragmatic for the EU to have effective strategies and real success stories. Otherwise: why bother at all?

It is not a zero sum game. And if the Russians are able to penalise their special partners with carrots, the EU should be ready to reward its with sticks.

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