Empire Strikes Back

Everything you wanted to know about human rights violations in your country but were afraid to ask: A report is drawn by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of (surprise, surprise) Belarus and describes countries that “traditionally represent themselves as developed democracies.”

In the introduction FM Makei states the intention to spotlight “the victims that are traditionally given a blind eye” as well as “the most resonant human rights violations in 2012.”

The report is based on data, collected by Belarusian embassies and accessed online.

It covers USA, Canada and countries in Europe. Of the EU members, several are not even mentioned. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg and Malta seem to be the least troubled spots on the map.

There is already criticism and comments on the report. However, who-are-you-to-judge is the bottom line of the discussion.

But don’t be too hard on the authors. They just wanted to chime in with their view of the appalling human rights violations. Just imagine how worried Belarusian MFA is about situation back home!…

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  1. #1 by jon livesey on February 7, 2013 - 10:16 pm


    “In March, the Cabinet introduced a ban on wearing body crosses and crucifixes in public.”

    This is complete nonsense. The cabinet simply issued an *opinion* that wearing a crucifix to work isn’t a guaranteed right, and subject to agreement with the employer.

    There is no “ban” and the case remains to be tested in Court.

    I can only imagine that the human rights “violations” listed for other western countries are similarly nonsensical.

  2. #2 by Andrea on February 21, 2013 - 5:06 pm

    I don’t know whtr it’s more funny Belarusian-point-of-w being impressed by Italian Police’s brutality – or if it’s more disturbing (however never funny for real). Even, this report dsn’t show any awareness of such an amount of local news about these kind of facts – Policemen having raped a prostitute or killed a homeless, or ferociously beaten a man simply passing by (this just to stay around Milan) – but it neither says that all of these fake-Policemen have been prosecuted and jailed. Italy has an excellent Police and an excellent system of Justice, if only we hadn’t such polticians whose main job is not to make this Justice faster (even, they need it to be even longer), but to cheat people about what they would gain from voting them: that is no “Politics” – just Satanism. And if you lived in Italy you might perhaps be among those who think that the sentence (for libel) againts the journalist A. Sallusti be not enough, for such an insulting way to abuse of the freedom of press, insulting those themselves who on the opposite side, try and defend civil rights against the building of immense and impossible bridges and useless channels, when our schools’ ceilings fall onto children! What I instead fear (which hasn’t been pointed out enough but in the report about Hungary) is – due to the clear lack of values and the political emptiness – the rising up of a far-right-wing ideology which claims to carry on “humanitarian purposes” (see it as in Greece) but which has even turned out to be an international “fashion” for teens: a fashion which allow to carry Nazi symbols and to deny Shoah (but what’s the matter with Jews?); to break immigrants’ shops, to set afire Roma settlements or a bum sleeping in the station (“… we felt bored”), the fashion of feeling members of a nationalist army, to beat people in the streets and to start again what in 70′s Italy has been called “The Lead Years” because of the everyday murders. The real problem in Italy in not whtr Police is brutal, it is the lack of actual care towards its Youths. (AP)