To Iran. From Belarus With Love

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are? Doesn’t work: look at Belarus. We are everyone’s friend.

One week Russian Prime Minister Putin is in Minsk, we welcomed EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner quickly after. Well it’s been not that easy recently but Belarus tries to develop relations with both big neighbours at the same time: EU and Russia. Mutually beneficial, sure.

Another success is a miraculous political stretch between Israel and Iran.

Some weeks ago the new Israeli FM Liberman came to shake hands with Belarusian authorities. He was the first Israeli minister in Minsk for a decade and both sides were satisfied with the talks. Today we got some more good news — this time from Tehran. Ahmadinejad meeting Belarusian senior parliamentary delegation suggested that Iran and Belarus should manage the world through cooperation. Wow… These shook hands middle in the post election fever with Belarusian representatives to praise the elections. And it’s all about mutually advantageous cooperation as well.

This foreign policy reminds me of no politics at all. It’s business as usual: tell me what you can give me and I’ll tell you what I am ready to do for this.

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