Wu Ming vs Beppe Grillo

flopping fish

Italian opposition to austerity. That’s Ireland as well underneath – just lying there looking a bit stunned.


As giddy as I am about the drubbing that unelected fiscal superintendent and senator for life Mario Monti received in Italy in the weekend’s elections, it remains the case that Beppe Grillo’s pan-ideological Five Star Movement (M5S) is no genuine alternative to Bersmontilusconism.

I don’t have time until the end of the week to write much about the results, but for now, a link to the Italian writers’ collective Wu Ming, who do a good job taking Grillo down in this brief post – especially reminding us of the continued imposition of austerity by Parma’s M5S mayor elected last year, Federico Pizzarotti. (One should also note Grillo’s flirtation with the far-right Casa Pound outfits) – will have to suffice.

Italy remains, like Ireland, a stunned fish flopping about on the fishing-boat deck of European austerity: not really liking what’s going on, but not knowing what to do about it either.

“We did not have a movement comparable to the Spanish #indignados or to the #Occupy protests. We did not have anything comparable to the ‘Je lutte des classes’ struggle against reforms to the pension system,” write Wu Ming. “Our Tahrir Squares, our Puertas del Sol, our Syntagma Squares remained empty. In short, we did not fight back.”


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